Len Hamilton

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Though a bit older now, there's as much fun as ever in growing, learning, staying active....

...and sharing links to some of my music and scribblings on Youtube, plus posting a few of my original written creations (some dating from the late 1960's). And as always, my various FB pages are open to everyone, not just "Friends". Also, a link from my tech career to NewSites. NewSites.com may be for sale; inquire.

These projects and more may be featured elsewhere later. Right click for viewing options to see larger pix.

Okay, so I missed the chance to add an expanded visual arts section again; but maybe, in the season ahead....? My autobiographical website is still available while in the shop being reformatted in a newer style. Here's a link to my original Christian ministry site, GospelWord.org. And here's a link to Evans Mills Church, where I minister and am pleased to serve as primary caretaker.

Page updated regularly. Email "me@len.one" for more information on any item above.

Thanks for visiting with me --- trust Jesus, be real and have a great day!

Love your friends - they are among your best treasures!

- - music, art and writing are among the things I have always enjoyed - -

Some links above may be out of date and/or may also be posted elsewhere.