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We like to get reader response to our stories. Here's a sampling of early comments that folks have sent in about earlier 'rough draft' versions we had been previewing online.

about Grandfather and the Three Mr. Smith's:
from V. Screeney, VA.-
It took me a while to get around to reading your story but I enjoyed it when i did. I think one of the hardest things to write is natural sounding dialogue. You also had enough going on with the
stove and the wind and the comfy chair to set a scene and stir up memories of interactions with my own grandparents. I also enjoyed the fact that you were able to get the "message" across without being preachy or predictable by encouraging us to guess along with the kids as to
just what the grandfather was up to with his parable/story.
Do you expect to mount it as a play at your church? Keep on writin', Bud.

from P. Wheelock, NY-

Read your Christmas story and found it to be quite thoughtful.  Only through the eyes of children can we as adults see what the Lord wishes us to see and understand.  The story would be a good play as you give excellent details.  As a story alone,  I think it could be a
little more  concise.

from C. Mann, TN-

That was as fine of short story that I have ever read. I love short stories and I really did enjoy yours. You are a grand storyteller/shortstory writer....God has surely blessed you for telling the world about His son. Can't wait for your next story.

from B. Hasson, VA-

I read your story and of course it was good. I especially liked the details, that feeling of "being there", very visual.  I kept seeing you as the grandfather telling the story.  The message was sublime, initially, and made it's full impact in the end.  I wanted to be there in that moment, wanted that to be my wise old grandfather.  I can see it as a short story or play enjoyed by many at Christmastime, and yes, it will be here before you know it.

about Mary's Christmas:
from S. Howard, NC-
A beautiful story. I wish more people understand the real meaning of Christmas.

from B. Hasson, VA-

Just read your new story today and it was well written as usual. I really got into the first part, about the conflicting messages we get concerning Christmas, but got lost a bit on the other part. I couldn't help but think that would be beyond the years of a child not quite ten.  Maybe I was slow, but I don't think an average child would get that far. Though the message comes through loud and clear and that really is the point isn't it?

from H. Campbell, VA-

Thank you for sharing that beautiful story. It brought a tear to my  eye. I'm kinda sentimental anyway.

from V. Teachout, NY-

I read your Christmas story. Well done. Christmas has become too commercialized and we need more reminders of what God did for us when He sent Jesus that first Christmas. I pray that you have a blessed, Christ filled season.

from R. Sly, NY-

It is a great story maybe you could come to the next concert at the nursing home and share it with them.

from E. Lister, OH-
I read the review & comments page before I read any stories to my daughters. Most of them were wonderful. About Mary's Christmas, because it is a Christmas story I thought what she did was possible. If it was a true story, that would only make the story more charming. My daughters (the oldest is seven) often believe they can do more than they actually can. They thought Mary was brave and very smart. Thank you for your stories. Please write some more!

about Mr. Gode's Garden:
from H. Smith, FL-
I didn't know what I was reading at first, whether it was fantasy or something silly. After I read your comments at the end, I went back and "saw" things you were leading up to. Very good!

If permitted to us, reviews of stories are sometimes posted here as they are received. A sincere 'thank you!' to all who have written, and for your kind comments!

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