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~ non-underlined stories are currently being completed or adapted for future release ~

Grandfather and the Story of the Three Mr. Smith's
Grandfather entertains his grandchildren on a rainy day with a story that challenges their thinking about perceptions of people and situations. Detailed scenes and character involvement. A good story for those looking for ways to share the real meaning of Christmas.

Mary's Christmas
A young girl is confused about the ways Christmas is celebrated by everyone, including her friends, schoolmates and parents. Her daring quest to find real meaning in the season of giving and sharing may challenge you to take a deeper look at Christmas for yourself.

Santa and the Best Gift Ever
What is the real meaning of Christmas? Is Christmas really about toys and make-believe, or about a Child born in a manger? Join in as Grandfather tells the truth about Santa and Jesus.

Other stories we think you might enjoy, that aren't actually in the 'Christmas' category....

The Cousin Hill Gang
Friends, a little house set deep amid dark green mountain ridges, signs in the road and wonder in nearly everything create close ties for six cousins. Real heartfelt adventures in cabin country.

Mr. Gode's Garden
Is it for real? A truly magical garden, a very unusual community and wonders in abundance; is it a fantasy story built on a wish or a place many people believe exists? What do you think?

The Midnight Fishing Trip
This one hovers around the Christmas season. A grandfather and his grandson, a grandmother who loves her "boys" and lessons about the timeliness of certain gifts and sharing truths. Based on true stories and real people.

Red Drum Moon
If you've ever been in a scary situation or if you enjoy suspense and a bit of horror, then we challenge you to read this and not tremble! Not quite Steven King but definitely not Mary Poppins, it's a story about tragedy, a full moon, the Atlantic Ocean and Drum fishing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Caution: Considered unsuitable for young children or sensitive persons due to graphic portrayals of some events. Please review it for suitability before sharing.

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