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'Tell Me A Christmas Story' is a project begun several years ago by Len Hamilton and intended to help tell the real reason for the Christmas season - the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Other stories and articles of encouragement and reflection will be offered as well.

This website and its contents are an outreach effort of Encouraging Words Ministries and

That's pretty much all there is to say for the moment. More information may be added here as time goes by, but currently efforts are being made to get these stories back online and broadcast in time for your enjoyment.

You have likely noted that the stories themselves are shown as .jpg images and may appear somewhat unclear on screen. There's a reason for that; we want to offer free printed copies to anyone who asks, as a way to identify which type of story (or particular story) has the most appeal to readers. All one needs to do is send email and make a request. Simple, right?

Thanks for stopping by - please let us hear from you soon!

We're building a story library for you - check back again to see what's new!